Corporate Office Interior Design Trends

The way we work is changing, and so are our workspaces. Businesses everywhere are updating their offices to match new priorities like flexibility, teamwork, sustainability, and employee happiness.

As companies adapt to these changes, the role of interior designers becomes crucial. In cities like Ahmedabad, where innovation meets tradition, finding the right interior designer can transform a workspace into a thriving hub of productivity and creativity.

Knowing the latest office design trends can make a big difference if you’re thinking about redoing your office or starting from scratch. It helps you create a space where your team feels inspired and excited to work.

Corporate Office Interior Design Trends

Let’s explore the newest trends shaping corporate office interior design.

1. Hybrid Workspaces

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how we work, pushing many companies to adopt remote and hybrid work models. Even as offices reopen, a 2023 survey by McKinsey revealed that more than 90% of organizations plan to blend remote and in-person work.

Now, office spaces need to adapt, accommodating both collaborative in-person work and the needs of employees splitting time between home and the office.

To achieve this balance, modern office designs feature innovative elements like ‘Zoom Rooms’ for virtual meetings, cozy spaces for remote workers, flexible desk arrangements, and technology that supports hybrid collaboration. These spaces still serve as hubs for teamwork, creativity, and company culture, all while offering the flexibility that today’s workforce demands.

At our interior design company in Ahmedabad, we specialize in corporate interior design, understanding the importance of creating functional and inspiring office spaces. With years of experience in designing offices and providing turnkey solutions, our team is dedicated to crafting environments that foster productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Hybrid work space - corporate interior design

2. Biophilic design

Bringing nature indoors through biophilic design has become a popular trend, especially as people spend more time indoors. This approach focuses on incorporating natural elements like light, plants, and materials into office spaces.

Features such as living walls, green roofs, and abundant plants not only add freshness but also contribute to a vibrant and lively atmosphere in the workplace.

Adding greenery to office spaces comes with various perks, including a 15% boost in productivity, improved air quality, reduced toxins, and decreased noise levels. Plants also have a calming effect on the mind, promoting relaxation and fostering a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing the right plants is crucial for maximizing these benefits. Plants like peace lilies, pothos, snake plants, spider plants, philodendrons, English ivies, areca palms, and holy basil are recommended for their air-purifying properties and ease of maintenance.

By integrating biophilic design principles and carefully selecting plants, companies can create workspaces that not only enhance employee well-being but also contribute to a greener and healthier environment.

Biophilic design - office design trend

3. Flexible and Modular Spaces

Forget about old-fashioned cubicles and fixed desks. Nowadays, offices are all about being flexible. With movable furniture and walls, companies can easily change how their spaces look and work.

These areas can go from big open spaces to cozy corners in no time. Employees can pick where they want to work each day, thanks to shared desks and hot-desking. Plus, there are different spots for different tasks, like working together, focusing, learning, chatting, or taking a break.

This way, offices can change with the team and their needs, making sure everyone has the right space to do their best work.

Colour Psychology and Aesthetics


4. Color Psychology and Aesthetics

The colours we choose for our office can affect how we feel and how motivated we are. Bright colours can make us feel more energized, while warm neutral colors help us relax and focus. Cool colors like blue or green can make us feel calm.

By using colours wisely and adding different textures, artwork, and furniture, we can boost creativity. Adding bold colours or branding elements can also make the office feel more like it belongs to the company.

When we carefully choose colors, lighting, and decorations, we create a welcoming space where people enjoy working and being together. Finding the right balance is important for making sure everyone can do their best work.

Flexible and Modular Spaces


5. Multi-functional Spaces

In the past, offices were mainly focused on work. But now, having a balance between work and life is important. Offices are adding things to help employees relax and have fun while they work.

Gyms, nap rooms, massage areas, game rooms, cafes, outdoor spaces, and even hidden lounges provide places for employees to take breaks and enjoy themselves. Quiet areas like libraries or meditation rooms offer spaces for peaceful reflection.

By combining work, relaxation, and fun, modern offices aim to be places where employees can do their best work and also have time to recharge. They can easily switch between working together, attending events, or taking a break.

Multi-functional Spaces

6. Natural Light

Natural light isn’t always an option, but it’s worth it when you can. People feel better with natural light, and it can save energy too. Studies prove that workplaces with natural light help employees feel happier and more rested.

Here’s how to bring more natural light into your office:

  • Smart glass panels can turn opaque or clear with a tap, letting light flood your office.
  • Opt for minimalistic furniture and storage to let light reach every corner.
  • Use partitions and architectural features instead of solid walls for privacy.
  • Reflective surfaces like glossy finishes, mirrors, and light colors make the most of natural light.


Natural Light

7. Wall Murals & Environmental Graphics

Blank walls don’t inspire anyone. Your office walls are like a canvas waiting to tell your company’s story and values. Wall murals can connect your workspace with nature or showcase your company culture.

Here’s why you should consider wall murals and environmental graphics:

  • Helps employees feel motivated, inspired, and connected, promoting teamwork and happiness.
  • Strengthens the company’s identity and messages.
  • Adds depth to the space with framed art, stand-off wall panels, logos, and lettering.
  • Makes the space look special and unified.
  • Provides privacy on glass walls and partitions.
  • Improves the workspace atmosphere with sound-absorbing panels and nice colors and textures.


As work changes, so do offices. By considering the latest corporate office design trends, companies can create spaces that boost productivity, encourage creativity, and give meaning to work. The office is still a key place for community, innovation, and culture – and these trends aim to make it even better.

Looking for someone to bring these office design trends to life? Reach out to our team of expert Office Interior Designers in Ahmedabad. We provide eye-catching corporate and commercial office interior design services that can transform your workspace into an inspiring environment tailored to your needs and preferences.

Interior for Commercial Offices:

  • Design and maximization of space,
  • Eco-friendly build and renovation,
  • Ceiling and lighting options,
  • Power and plumbing systems,
  • Select wall paintings, appropriate color scheme, fabric, furniture, fittings, lighting, flooring, artwork, and other accessories.

Interior for Corporate Offices:

  • Concept Development,
  • Space Planning,
  • Light and other accessories,
  • Colour,
  • Material Selection,
  • Design Development,
  • Construction documents and procurement,
  • Construction administration.

What You Get from our Office Interior Design Services?

  • Workplace Strategy,
  • Office Space Planning Services,
  • Customize Large and Small Office Spaces To Your Needs,
  • Furniture Ideas,
  • Project Management,
  • Office Renovation.

Why Choose our Office Interior Design Services?

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What is corporate office interior design?

Corporate office interior design is about planning the inside of an office to make it comfortable and functional. It’s all about making the space work well for employees, helping them be more productive and happy. Plus, it should show off the company’s brand and values.

Why do corporate offices prioritize interior design?

Modern offices prioritize interior design for three main reasons: sustainability, attractiveness, and comfort. As business changes, offices want spaces that boost confidence and teamwork among employees.

What are the top office design trends?

Offices are now favoring flexible designs, allowing for easy changes in furniture and setups. Users have more control over elements like lighting and air, enhancing comfort. Additionally, layouts are evolving to promote collaboration and various activities.

How to design office interiors?

  • Open up the space to create a feeling of airiness.
  • Bring in natural light wherever possible.
  • Divide the space into functional areas for different tasks.
  • Choose furniture wisely to maximize both style and function.
  • Consider the flooring and wall coverings to tie the design together.
  • Incorporate elements of nature to enhance the environment.
  • Add unique touches to make a statement.
  • Prioritize comfort and safety for everyone in the office.

What factors determine the cost of office interior design services?

The cost varies based on factors such as the client’s budget, the scope of the project, and the materials chosen. We offer customized office design packages to suit your needs.

Do you have experience in designing corporate offices?

Absolutely! With a track record of successfully completing over 50 corporate office projects, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Check out our portfolio for photos of recent projects.

Which online tools do you utilize for office interior design?

We leverage a range of online tools to bring your vision to life, including SketchUp, Floorplanner, Autodesk Homestyler, IKEA, HomeBase, and Magnet.

I want to redesign my office, but I’m short on time. Can you help?

Absolutely! We understand the demands of running a business. Leave the logistics to us – from shopping and ordering materials to coordinating deliveries and overseeing labor, we’ve got you covered.

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